Flirting with Failure

I write and speak about…

Loving who you are.

Loving who you are with.

And Loving what you do.

In any given moment we all have the power to choose what we focus on and can make the choice to live better lives just selecting our self-talk wisely.

We can choose to lift ourselves up or put ourselves down.

We can choose to dwell on all that our spouse does wrong or we can focus on all that he does right.
We can choose to take action towards making our career as good as it gets.
Or we can choose to become victim to our situation and tell ourselves that if only we have more experience, education, training, or money, things would be better.

There is another part of being at choice that is important to talk about.

Sometimes we are down in the trenches for a few hours, days, or months. Sometimes we break, feel alone, or lose our courage to keep going.

Sometimes, we fail.

Maybe an investment goes wrong, a business partnership becomes a disaster, or our spouse tells us he is leaving.

Facing the failure can be humiliating and exhausting. We might not have the energy that day to choose love or go for a promotion. In fact we may just want to sit in our misery and hang out there for a while.

Yet, first impressions sometimes mislead us. Failure can also put us on the fast track to success not matter what you want to accomplish.

Darren Hardy, Entrepreneur, Success Mentor to CEOs and Bestselling Author talks about failure in this way:

“You see, many of the greatest achievers you admire thrive on failure. They love it! Because they are obsessed with improvement, they can experience growth only through failure. They want to continually find their boundaries so they can better understand their capabilities and find new ways of breaking through… Failure offers them a gateway to the next level, which is absolutely exhilarating, satisfying and thrilling.”

Remember how I said that we all have the power to choose what we focus on?

Fear of failure has stopped many individuals from doing all sorts of brilliant things with their lives.

Let’s shift our focus a little bit.
Instead of asking, what if I fail, as yourself….

What choice will I make when I fail? Will I choose to get stuck there?

Or will flirt with failure?
Have some fun with it?
And let it propel me towards having a life where I love who I am, love who I am with, and love what I do…

Over and over and over again.

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